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The CSU follows the national, accelerating trend of significant growth in online teaching and learning. The evolution of the Internet and broadband access at home and via mobile devices make it certain that there will be a continued growth in hybrid and online courses.  As CSU campuses offer additional hybrid and online courses, it is important to define quality online teaching and learning, as well as to determine how to assess it and make any desired improvements. There are many skeptics who question the quality of online teaching and, therefore, it is necessary to identify how to prepare instructors for teaching hybrid and online courses effectively. By doing so, we can best prepare instructors and learners for an experience that is equal-to-or-better-than traditional classroom experiences.  If successful, the natural evolution of teaching and learning will drive the increased demand for online teaching and learning, as opposed to administrative decisions related to the desire to save money through simple leverage of technology as device.

For further information, resources, and evaluation instruments on the QOLT program, see the new QOLT website and Call for Participation.

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